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We are a community of racing and statistic enthusiasts

Access race stats in real-time, compete in race leagues, track fellow racers through feature packed profiles, and compete with rivals through global leaderboards


Your Profile

All you have to do is link your Steam profile to get direct access to your very own profile. Here you will find every single trackable stat you have logged on one of our servers.


Personal Overview

An overview of seasonal stats and some charts analyzing rider performance and history.


Race History

A table showing your recent races with relevant information about the race and personal gains.


Lap Time Records

A section full of information about records you hold throughout your career.


Race Statistics and Analytics

Full breakdowns of every race that is logged into our systems. Podium racers get displayed proudly at the top and just below will be the leaderboards as well as a analysis of how the MMR was calculated.


When you have linked your Steam profile to our site, you will gain access to Leagues. Leagues can have minimum rider requirements so that you can know who you are going up against. Trophies will be added to your profile, for you to show off. The league organizer might even provide a monetary prize for the winner!



You don't want to end up here but, inevitably, some of you will. You can find out why you are banned along with some details about the rider's profile. For example, an SR ban would be interested in where their SR level is at, if it is under 900 you will have to race in no-contact servers to get it back above 950.

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